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Matthew Wood

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Another threshold crossed Aug. 3rd, 2008 @ 10:45 pm
I crossed a threshold today. I purchased a 1 TB hard drive. In an external enclosure with USB, Firewire, and eIDE ports. It cost less (in actual dollars) than 1 MB of RAM in 1995 or so. And my first hard drive I bought back in 1990 was something like 40 MB.

It's got a lot of freakin' space, but it's necessary after I discovered that our XBox 360 can play video from pretty much any storage device plugged into the USB port. That'll make it easy to watch massive quantities of Doctor Who and Torchwood.
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More puppy pictures Jul. 22nd, 2008 @ 03:09 pm
I've uploaded some more pictures of our boys. Here's a sample.

dsci0112.jpg Henri and Entropy claiming the sofa
dsci0118.jpg Entropy playing soccer
dsci0132.jpg Henri on me
photo_071908_001.jpgHenri at the dog park

Cruise Photos finally up! Feb. 1st, 2008 @ 12:26 am

Originally uploaded by mattcwood
I have uploaded the first batch of photos from our cruise back in October to my Flickr site. I have a few more to add later that Leila took. For now, you'll have bear with mine from my crappy camera.

I've also added a few new images of Henri and Entropy that I took with my even crappier Palm Treo camera and I've reorganized my collections and sets to be a bit more logical.

X-tree, X-tree, read all about it Nov. 20th, 2007 @ 06:59 pm

Originally uploaded by mattcwood

I've added new photos of the boys to my Flickr page. Well, them and one pecan.

Cruise photos coming soon.

Photo update Jul. 11th, 2007 @ 11:42 pm
Entropy PosingDDM Night Below Pre-Release

I've updated my photos page with many more pictures including more of the dogs, a party at work, and a couple of D&D minis events:

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Other entries
» [DDM] Night Below Update
After opening my case, the list of remaining missing figures:

10	LG	R	Large Gold Dragon
21	CG	R	Hierophant of the Seventh Wind
30	LE	R	Exarch of Tyranny
36	LE	R	Lady Vol
46	CE	R	Berserk Flesh Golem
49	CE	R	Clawborn Scorrow
59	CE	R	Orc Banebreak Rider

And my list of rare duplicates:

11	LG	R	Shadowbane Inquisitor
19	CG	R	Greater Basilisk
25	CG	R	Wulfgar
26	LE	R	Aspect of Loviatar
44	LE/CE	R	Lifeleech Otyugh
52	CE	R	Frost Giant Jarl

» [DDM] Night Below
Another note to self so if I don't have my spreadsheet:

Still missing from the new DDM set, Night Below:

2	LG	U	Brass Golem
8	LG	R	Guardian Naga
10	LG	R	Large Gold Dragon
14	LG/CG	R	Raistlin Majere
21	CG	R	Hierophant of the Seventh Wind
29	LE	R	Dread Wraith
30	LE	R	Exarch of Tyranny
36	LE	R	Lady Vol
41	LE	R	Skeletal Courser
46	CE	R	Berserk Flesh Golem
49	CE	R	Clawborn Scorrow
57	CE	R	Large Shadow Dragon
58	CE	R	Large White Dragon
59	CE	R	Orc Banebreak Rider

» If you're really, really bored
I've been working on setting up picture and video accounts for public consumption:


Mostly stuff of my dogs and my miniatures. Not much of me or other people, since I'm usually the one holding the camera and most other people wouldn't appreciate having their pictures put online with having some say-so.
» Spam filter is busted
My Yahoo email spam filter works pretty well and I normally only get 2-3 actual spam messages in my Inbox a day. 99 times out of 100, I can easily trash them without even looking at them due to one of two factors: the FROM and/or SUBJECT headers are completely gibberish or it has it has a subject line that is quite obviously one of those long-lost-relative/overthown government funds/national lottery scam emails.

This one was different:

"It does not change any existing classes, functions or procedures."

I'm in I.T. I've been in I.T. my entire career. The sentence structure is odd, but that's not unusual since there are lots of non-native English speakers in I.T.


Oh, they want me to invest in junk stocks supposedly supporting wind farms. Okaaaaaayyyy...

The point of the story? There's not really one; I just thought it was an amusing and somewhat novel way to try and get computer folks to open their junk mail.
» Reminder to self

Guy's ruling on line of sight and Concussion Blast spell:

Concussion Blast

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